Fantasy engravings

Fantasy engravings

"Fantasy engravings" or simply "fantasy" is a rather inappropriate definition for all those compositions that do not fit within the classic and traditional schemes that we are used to seeing on fine guns, i.e. English scrolls, symmetrical ornamental patterns, realistic game scenes and landscapes, etc. The "fantasy" engraving can be made on the background (ornamental pattern) and on the actual scene and often does not take into account the usual drawing techniques, such as depth, light, proportions and so on.

Similarly, the subjects are not necessarily related to the hunting world and may range from women to snakes and from cars to mythology. I don't know if it is justified to define the fantasy engraving as the engraving of the future, but high-quality work is already available and in great demand. For Creative Art it is certainly an important calling card that combines the technical skills of individuals in using the burin with those involving the more extensive artistic and compositional talents.

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